Thursday, April 6, 2017

Managing Your Kids and The Digital Age

Managing Technology, Screen Time and Kids
There are a lot of issues that need to be considered when looking at kids and screen time or technology.
How much technology or screen time can have negative effects.
Now that there is a screen or 2 in every room not to mention the smaller screens that every person in the room is holding when is it too much?
In addition to that then there is the type of content and how much of the various types of content is considered too much:
·      Movies
·      Video Games
·      Facebook
·      Other Social Media
·      Apps and Other Games
·      Texting and Facetime
·      YouTube
·      Television shows
·      Shopping
·      Homework
Many kids left on their own would happily play video games for days on end so it’s important to put together a screen time plan that teaches them the discipline they will need as they grow older and the world becomes more and more digital.
We all have heard that the Internet has other hazards besides the lack of personal interaction, inability to focus and screen addiction. Tomorrow’s post will offer some solutions to all the problems and issues that come with our ever expanding digital age.

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