Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Concerns and Tips for Parents with New Kindergarten Students

Pre-School and Kindergarten classes alike give young students the ability to get used to being around and interacting with other students while in a learning and cooperative environment.

A good experience will carry forward with the child and help them as they move forward with their education and with their life. The self-esteem and confidence they develop is priceless as they grow and mature into teenagers and adults.  Preparing your child for the opportunity and challenge of learning and working with other students to achieve a common goal is some of the most rewarding experiences they will have as young kids.

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Parents have a great opportunity to help their children and give them an advantage that will help them in school and everywhere else they have the chance of meeting or interacting with other kids their age or people in general. The best skill sets to begin helping your children with are extremely simple to demonstrate and practice with them.
Listening Skills
Paying attention to what other people are saying and just as important be quiet as others are trying to speak, maybe even some questioning games.
Sharing and Generosity
Showing them how good it feels to be shared with and equally how good it feels to share and be generous with others.
Patience and Taking Turns
Teach the idea of being patient with others and taking turns when there are lots of people waiting for the same thing.
Self Confidence
Showing them that what they think and feel matters and they should be confident in knowing that and sharing those thoughts with others.
Feeling Good About Themselves
Help them to feel good about who they are as a person and how special they are. Teach them that it’s important to trust and have faith in yourself.
Curiosity and a Love of Learning
Teaching your kids to have a healthy curiosity and instilling in them a drive to learn will be something that will help them throughout their entire lives.

This is a great start in working with your kids.  The best way to instill these skills in your kids is to demonstrate them yourself and point out to your kids how and when you take advantage of these to help you with them and those around you.

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